Full Guide to Screenshot on HTC (U12+/U11&Desire&Bolt)

October 09, 2020Ashley Mae

"Do you know how to take a screenshot on HTC phone?"

"Press and Home button."

"Then can you take a scrolling capture on HTC?"


Don't worry, you have options!

There are several methods for you to take a screen capture on HTC phone to record any moment you want to grasp.

That's what we shall show in this post, 4 ways to capture screen on all HTC models to get a specific region, scrolling screen, and full-screen image.

Screenshot on HTC

Part 1. Bonus: Free Screen Capture Software for PC and Mac

There are various HTC devices and every HTC phone may perform a different method to complete a screenshot. If you want to capture a screen on computer, a free screen capture program is recommended to you, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the easy-to-use screen capture program, which can record screen, video, and audio on PC and Mac. Screen Capture is its free function, which can take screenshots for programs, browsers, desktop, webcam, and any region on your computer.

Screen Recorder


Screen Recorder- Free Screenshot Tool for PC and Mac

  • Screenshot selected and full region and window on computer.
  • Edit screenshot like add text, draw the shape, pin to screen, and more.
  • Export the screenshots as PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF.
  • Record video, audio, and webcam separately or conjunctively (Pro Users).
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This short tutorial below shows you how to screenshot on the computer.

Step 1.
Free download and run Aiseesoft Screen. Select Screen Capture.
Select Screen Capture
Step 2.
Then a crosshair will appear, and hover, or hold and drag the mouse to capture a window or selected region.
Screenshot Region
Step 3.
Click or release your mouse to capture a screen and open the image on the editor. Edi the screenshot optionally and click Save to export the screenshot on your computer.
Edit Save Capture

For more details about taking screenshots with this software, you can visit it here.

Part 2. How to Screenshot HTC for Full-screen

As mentioned at the beginning, you may have known how to take a full-screen screenshot on HTC. However, HTC has introduced 3 ways to capture a full-screen screenshot.

Here is the detailed guide.

Full-screen Capture on HTC via Buttons

Step 1.
Locate the screen where you want to take a screenshot on HTC.
Step 2.
Press and hold the Power button until your phone vibrates, and then tap on the Home button.
Step 3.
Release both of them when you hear a shutter sound.

Then you will see a preview of the screenshot on the screen.

Screenshot HTC Power Home Buttons

For those who are using the HTC U11 and earlier models, you just need to press and hold Power and Volume down button at the same time to complete a screen capture.

Take a Full-screen Snapshot in Shortcut

Similar to the method of taking screenshots on most Android phones, the second way to take a full-screen capture on HTC is done by the screenshot shortcut in the Notification bar.

Just swipe to the second panel of the Notification bar, and hit the screenshot shortcut (a camera image).

Screenshot HTC Via Shortcuts

Capture a Full-Screen with Edge Sense on HTC U11/U12+

Edge Sense is the HTC official application that you can download from Google Play. With it, you can create the squeeze gestures to take a screenshot HTC U11 and U12+.

It sounds like the AssistiveTouch to screenshot on iPhone, right? Yes, it works similarly.

Step 1.
On HTC phone, tap Settings, select Edge Sense, and find Set short squeeze or Set squeeze & hold action depending on what you want.
Step 2.
Choose Capture Screen, and save the settings you made.
Step 3.
Navigate the screen that you want to capture, and use the created gesture or the hold action you customized to take a screenshot.
Take Screenshots HTC Via Edege Sense

Part 3. How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on HTC

Many of you may be familiar with the scrolling screen capture on Snagit, however, HTC also manufactured the scrolling feature for you to save the long webpage, document, message conversations, and more.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1.
Follow part 2 to repeat the steps to take a full-screenshot.
Step 2.
Tap Scroll at the bottom of the screenshot preview, and keep tapping the Scroll button until your scrolling screenshot is done.
Step 3.
Tap Edit to add some effects to the screenshot optionally.
Step 4.
Tap Save or Share to save the scrolling screenshot on your HTC phone.
Take Scrolling Screenshot On HTC

Cannot find the Scroll button? You should download HTC Screen Capture Tool, a free screenshot tool for HTC from Google Play.

Part 4. How to Capture a Partial Screenshot on HTC

If you have grasped the method of taking a scrolling screenshot on HTC in part 3, then here it is pretty easy to finish a partial screenshot on HTC phone.

Step 1.
Repeat the steps in part 2 to take a full-screen capture.
Step 2.
At the bottom of the screen, tap Partial. Then you just need to move and drag the corners or sides to crop the screenshot.
Step 3.
Hit Done and edit the screenshot optionally.
Step 4.
Tap Share or Save to export the screenshot.
Take Partial Screenshot On HTC

This method can be replaced with a picture cropper tool, which can crop any screenshots you have taken to save the partial area of an image.

Part 5. FAQs of Taking Screenshot on HTC

Where are the screenshots stored on my HTC phone?

The screenshots are saved in the Screenshots albums in Gallery on HTC phone.

What file format are HTC screenshots?

The screenshots will be saved as JPEG. That is the popular format that can be opened by almost any photo viewer.

Does Instagram notify when you take a screenshot on HTC?

When you take the screenshot for the disappearing photos and videos in Instagram direct messages, Instagram will detect that, and the sender will be notified.


It is not hard to take a screenshot on HTC phone. For some older HTC models like HTC Bolt, HTC One M9/M8, HTC Desire 510/530/626, HTC 10, etc., the methods of taking screenshots are limited. However, some latest models like HTC U11, U12+, you are offered more ways to make it.

All the built-in screenshot methods and tools on HTC have introduced above.

Now I'd like to hear what you have to say:

Which strategy from this page are you going to try first?

Do you want to get a scrolling screenshot?

Or maybe you want to take a partial screenshot on HTC phone?

Either way, let me know in the comments section below

What do you think of this post?


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