Refund Policy

Aiseesoft Studio promises that we always put customers' interests in the first place. Aiseesoft values every customer and works hard to provide customers with an enjoyable experience enjoying Aiseesoft products and services. Aiseesoft software offers a free trial version, so customers can try before purchase. All this helps customers make an informed purchase decision and avoid buying the wrong product for their needs.

Part One: Accepted Circumstances

Aiseesoft provides a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. We cannot cancel the order when this period has expired. Please also be noted that this 30-day Money Back Guarantee is not an unconditional refund guarantee. Refunds will only be given under this guarantee in the following circumstances:

Refund requirement caused by purchasing:
1. Purchase wrong product by mistake and then purchase the correct one from our company at once. We will refund the wrong purchase if you require it.
2. Purchase same product twice at the same time and have no will of exchange any other product. We will refund one of them.

Refund requirement caused by registration information:
1. The customer does not receive the registration code in their mailbox within 24 hours of purchase, and has not received a timely response (within 48 hours) from Aiseesoft Support Team after making contact. In this case, Aiseesoft will refund the customer's order if you request.
2. Wrong registration information is sent to customer due to some reason which causes customer can't perform important and instant conversion. Furthermore customer has no further need of the software. After confirmation of all these situations, we will perform refund if you require.

Refund requirement caused by product problem:
1. When the software purchased has technical problems and no solutions has been provided within 30 days, Aiseesoft can refund the order if the customer is not willing to wait for further upgrade or solutions.

Refund Note:
As our product is virtual software, once we sent we can't get back the registration code. And we also do not know whether customer use registration code or not. So if customer insists on refund, we will deduct 20% of the purchased price as fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Part Two: Circumstances of No Refund

If you are in one of the following situations, we can't refund you.

Refund requirement caused by purchasing:
1. Aiseesoft cooperates with third-party payment platform, so we have no means to monitor authorization during payment. If there's any suspicion of credit card fraud or other unauthorized payment, please contact the card issuers immediately to resolve the matter. Once an order is processed and fulfilled, it can't be cancelled. However, Aiseesoft will exchange the purchased product for one the customer would like.
2. If customer purchases wrong product from our website, and then purchases so-called correct product from other company, we won't perform refund.
3. Aiseesoft will not refund if customers purchase the wrong product due to a lack of understanding the software functions. However, if customers contact Aiseesoft within 48 hours after purchase, Aiseesoft can exchange the purchased product for the correct one outright, providing the price difference between products does not exceed $20. If the purchased product is exchanged for a correct product of lower price, Aiseesoft will not refund the price difference.
4. A refund request due to price change or purchase from promotion campaigns will not be accepted.
5. A customer has a 'change of mind' after purchase. This kind of refund will not be accepted.

Refund requirement caused by registration information:
1. Failed registration of software is caused by customer's wrong operation, and the registration information has been proved valid, we won't perform refund if customer requires it.
2. When meeting with technical issues while using purchased products, the customer refuse to cooperate with Aiseesoft Support Team and provide necessary description, screenshots and files regarding the problem or try the solution we provide. Under these circumstances, a refund request will not be allowed.

Refund requirement caused by product problem:
1. Customer wants to convert protected files purchased from iTunes or other place, but our product can't meet this need. We won't perform refund if customer requires it, as we have already provided clear note towards this issue on our website.
2. Neither reading the product introduction on our website nor trying product before purchase, have customers just thought the product can meet his need and purchased it, and then found that the product can't meet his need. Under this situation, we won't perform refund if customer requires it.
3. Customer purchases wrong product which can't be supported by his computer operation system, such as Mac user purchases Windows version software. If we have similar software for correct OS, we would like to exchange product for customer. If we don't have, we are sorry for that the refund can't be performed.
4. Customer purchases wrong product from our affiliate website or purchased product can't meet some of customer's need due to the wrong or blurry product description on affiliate website, we won't perform refund if customer requires it. Customer needs to contact affiliate where the product is purchased from to seek for solution.
5. If customers meet with technical problems after the software update, but the order has exceeded the guarantee period, Aiseesoft will not refund.

Refund requirement is made long after the purchase:
Aiseesoft provides 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If a purchase exceeds the product's specified money-back-guarantee period, we cannot perform the refund.

Refund request based on the complaint that lost data cannot be completely recovered.
Please note that no software can guarantee 100% of the data recovery because the deleted/lost data can be easily damaged or overwritten. So Aiseesoft highly recommend our users try data recovery tools before you purchase. If customers request a refund for the software not recovering the lost/deleted data completely, we are sorry that Aiseesoft will not perform the refund.

Refund request based on root issue.
Things FoneLab for Android users should know:
Your Android device should have been rooted first, so that our program will get higher authority of the device to find more deleted data. We do not provide rooting service. Refund request for rooting failure will not be accepted.