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How to Use Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is the most professional recording software you could find. It helps you to record video with high output video quality. In the following, we have offered you solutions to record video/audio with Screen Recorder.

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Part 1. How to record video on computer

Step 1. Free download, install and launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your computer. Register with the email address and registration code you have received from us.


Step 2. Click Video Recorder option to enter the Video Recorder window. Here, you can record both video and audio.

Select Video Recorder

Step 3. In the Video Recorder window, you can select a full screen or a fixed screen like 1920×1080, 1280×720, 854×480, 1024×768, 640×480. You can also click Customize > Select region/window to draw a recording area with your cursor.

Select Recording Region

Step 4. Select the audio source by toggling on System Sound option, Microphone option, or both.

For recording videos, audio, lectures, you can only keep System Sound option on. For recording games, webinar, meetings or video tutorial, you may need to turn on System Sound option and Microphone at the same time.

Set Recording Audio Source

Moreover, while you toggle on the microphone audio recording, the drop-down next to it allows you to enable Microphone noise cancellation and Microphone enhancement. It can also let you change the microphone source and choose other microphones for recording.

Set Recording Audio Options

When you want to record computer speaker audio, the drop-down option next to it lets you change the sound source, open volume mixer to adjust the volume for other applications, and check the sound.

Set Speaker Audio Recording

Step 5. During the recording, you are able to edit video and add text, line, arrow and specific labels to the captured video.

Record Youtube

Step 6. Click REC button to start the screen recording on your computer. After recording, you can click the Stop button to preview the recorded video, and then click the Save button to save the recording to your computer.

Note: All your video or audio recordings are saved in the Recording history list. You can click the Recording history at the bottom to view, edit or delete them.

Part 2. How to record audio on computer

Step 1. Run Screen Recorder on your computer, and click Audio Recorder to enter the audio recording interface.

Audio Recorder

Step 2. Set recording audio from System Sound or Microphone voice according to your need. You can turn on the Microphone option and disable System Sound if you just want to capture your voice. If you want to capture the sound from your computer as well as your voice, you need to enable both Microphone and System Sound.

Audio Recorder

While recording audio from a microphone, do not forget to checkmark the option of Microphone noise cancellation and Microphone enhancement, which can reduce video noise and amplify audio to stop audio echo while recording.

If you have more than 2 microphone sources, just select Change microphone source" to select the one that you want to record.

Audio Recorder Microphone Audio Options

The drop-down option next to the speaker lets you change the sound source for recording. Moreover, you can click Volume Mixer to adjust the speaker audio for separate audio applications while recording.

Audio Recorder Speaker Audio Options

The "Sound check" option here will prompt you to the audio settings.

Audio Recorder Sound Check

You can drag the slider to adjust the volume to the proper value.

Record Audio

Step 3. When voice recording is complete, click the Stop button and you will be taken to the Preview window. Then click the Save button to save the audio recording to your computer.

Clip Music for Ringtone

Part 3. How to record gameplay on computer

Step 1. To start with, start the game you want to record. Run Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and select Game Recorder to capture your gameplay.

Choose Game Recorder

Step 2. On the Game Recorder window, go the Select the Game panel, and click on the arrow-down icon to tick your running game from the list. The recording area depends on the size of your game window.

Select Game

Step 3. If you need to capture your own reactions, you are recommended to turn on the Webcam option. After that, you can toggle on the System Sound, Microphone or both if necessary.

Customize Webcam and Audio

Step 4. When you’re ready, click on the REC button to start recording. While recording the game, you are allowed to use the features on the toolbar, including snapshots-taking, schedule recording, and audio volume adjusting as you like.

Start Capturing Game

Step 5. Once the recording is over, click on the Stop button to end the recording process. After that, you’ll be able to preview and clip your recordings before saving. If you’re satisfied with the result, click on Save button.

Then, give a name to your file and decide the destination folder.

Save Game Recording

After that, click on the Next button to start exporting your recording file.

Export Game Recording  File

Step 6. After exporting the video successfully, you will be taken to the recording library where you can manage your files. You can play, rename, delete, and rename the file.

Manage Game Recordings

Part 4. How to record webcam on computer

Step 1. Open Screen Recorder on your computer. Then select the Webcam option on the right panel.

Select Webcam

Step 2. After that, you should see a preview window of your camera image. Also, there will be a setting window next to it, where you can change the source camera, adjust the camera effects, choose resolution, modify volume, and rotate the image. If you're okay with all settings, just hit the Record button on the top.

Webcam Settings

Step 3. While recording, you can pause or stop the process at any time. You can also take a snapshot by clicking the Camera icon on the floating bar.

During Webcam Recording

Step 4. Once you finish recording, you can preview and trim the video as you like. After editing, please select the Export button in the corner.

Export Webcam Recording

Part 5. How to record phone screen on computer

Step 1. Launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your computer. To record the screen of your iPhone or Android phone, please select the Phone option in the right panel.

Select Phone

Step 2. Then you need to choose from iOS Recorder and Android Recorder. Please decide which one to use based on your device. If you want to record iPhone screen, you need to mirror the phone screen to the computer first.

iOS Recorder

As for Android users, you can choose to mirror your phone screen through WiFi or USB. We also provide you 2 WiFi connection modes: PIN Code and QR Code. You can pick either one.

Android Recorder

Step 3. To mirror your iOS device to the computer, you need to make sure your iPhone and computer has connected to the same WLAN. Then swipe down from the top of your iPhone to open the Control Center. Find the Mirror icon and select Aiseesoft Screen Recorder as the output device.

Screen Mirroring on iPhone

Step 4. Once connected, you can view your phone screen on the computer. Then you can record your phone screen on computer.

Record iPhone Screen

Step 5. After recording, you can preview and edit the recorded the video according to your need. Click Export if you find the result satisfied.

Preview Phone Recording

Part 6. How to edit the video and audio recording

After saving the recording file, you can edit the recording further with its Video Cutter, Advanced Trimmer, Video Compressor, File Merger, File Converter, and Edit Media Metadata.

Edit After Recording

Video Cutter

From the More Tools drop-down option, you need to select Video Cutter.

Then you will be directed to the Video Cutter window.

Then move the processing bar to confirm the starting and ending point.

Click the Done button to save the part that you want to keep.

Note: You can go to the video cutter interface by stopping your recording to enter the preview window.

Preview Recording

Advanced Trimmer

To trim your recording file in an advanced tool, you need to select Advanced Trimmer from the drop-down option.

It gives you 2 options to use this tool.

Add segment: You can move the processing bar at the right panel to create a new segment, copy and paste a clip, or split a file.

Fast Split: You can split 1 recording file into several parts by average files or time. Finally, click Trim to confirm your operations and export it to your computer.

Advanced Trimmer

Video Compressor

To compress a large recording file into a smaller size, you need to find Video Compressor under the More Tools drop-down option.

Move the file size bar to get the video size you want to save.

Video Compressor

After all the segments are well ready, click the Export button to save the merged file on your computer.

File Merger

To combine several clips into one file, locate the File Merger option from the More Tools drop-down list.

Here, you can click the plus icon to import the photo, videos, or audio from your recording history or local computer.

File Merger

After all the segments are well ready, click the Export button to save the merged file on your computer.

Export Merged Video

File Converter

When you fail to play your recording file on a device, you need to convert the video or audio formats via File Converter.

Only navigate the Video Export or Audio Export tab, and select the video or audio format that you need. Click Convert to start transcoding the recording file that you want to edit.

File Converter

Edit Media Metadata

For your exported video or audio recording file, you can also add your personal tag by Edit Media Metadata.

Add the file name, title, album, composer, genre, year, comment, and video or audio cover.

Edit Media Information

Part 7. How to take a snapshot on computer

Step 1. Open Screen Recorder and click Screen Capture to directly make a snaphot on your screen.

Screen Capture

Step 2. You can freely set the screenshot area whether to capture an active window or a freehand area. Meanwhile, you can add your preferred labels like rectangle, circle, line, arrow, text, color paints to it.

Take Snapshot

Step 3. After editing, you can click Save icon to save the snaphot as a suitable image format.

Part 8. How to create a task schedule recording

Step 1. Run Screen Recorder, and click Task Schedule at the bottom to start a task schedule recording.

Set Task Schedule

Step 2. In the Task schedule window, click the big plus add button to add a new task. You can enter a new name for the task. Click OK to move on.

Add Task

Step 3. Then you can set the starting time, ending time, recording length and the recording set for the recording.

Task Schedule Setting

Part 9. How to adjust recording preferences

To get a desired recording, you’d better go to Menu and select Preferences to adjust settings for recording. Here are five recording options you can adjust.

1. Recording

In the Recording tab, you can make adjustments according to your needs like Show countdown before recording, Beep on start recording, Show recording boundary, Hide float bar when recording, etc.

Recording Setting

2. Output

The Output tab gives you chances to set the output folder for temporary files, recording and screenshot files. Besides, you can set the video/audio format and quality, video codec and frame rate, and screenshot format.

Output Setting

3. Sound

The Sound settings let you check the sound sources from system sound and microphone.

Moreover, you can adjust the system sound and microphone volume by moving the slide bar.

You can enable Microphone noise cancellation and Microphone enhancement here to create a microphone audio recording in high quality.

Sound Audio Setting

Before recording, you can test audio by click Start sound check.

Then it will start an audio recording. To click the microphone icon next to "Start sound check" to stop recording and click the icon again to listen to the audio recording.

Test Audio Setting

4. Mouse

In the Mouse section, you can choose to show the mouse cursor, adjust mouse clicks and mouse area flexibly.

Mouse Setting

5. Hotkeys

In the Hotkeys tab, you can enter the key combination as the hotkeys for Start/Stop record, Pause/Resume record, Screen capture, Open/Close webcam, Show/Hide float panel.

Hotkey Setting

6. Others

The Other” tab lets you enable hardware acceleration, automatic updates and more.

Other Settings

Record Screen on Mac

1. Download, install and run Mac Screen Recorder on your MacBook Pro/Air/mini or iMac.

Mac Screen Recorder

2. Click "Video Recorder" to start the screen recording. You can click "Custom" button to set the recording area. You can record full screen, a fixed region or a custom region as you like. Choose the recording feature (click the webcam-alike icon) in the main interface if you want.

3. Click the microphone-alike button and make the audio settings for built-in microphone, or built-in input. Besides, you are allowed to keep the system sound or microphone on.

Record Screen on Mac

4. Click the REC button and start to record your Mac screen. After that, you can preview the project.

Record Webcam on Mac

1. Install Mac Screen Recorder

2. Click "Webcam Recorder" to use the feature. You are allowed to keep your microphone on. You can also take snapshot.

3. Click the REC button and start to record webcam on Mac.

Record Audio/Music on Mac

1. Install Mac Screen Recorder

2. Click "Audio Recorder" to use the feature. You can choose to keep the system sound or microphone on.

3. Click the REC button and start to record audio on Mac.

Record Audio on Mac

Take Screenshot on Mac

1. Install Mac Screen Recorder

2. Click "Screen Capture" button to select the capture area (full screen, a fixed region or a custom region based on your need).

3. You can edit your photo by using these multiple tools below. Click Save icon to save the picture to your Mac.

Take Screenshot