Would you like to embrace new iPhone X/8/7 update? How do you update your new iPhone? What points you cannot miss before iPhone X/8 upgrade? How to handle your old iPhone 6 after updating iPhone X/8?... Find the answers from the following tips.

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    Update my iPhone?

    Why should I update my iPhone to the latest one? Price? New features? Appearance?

  • Before iPhone Update

    Before iPhone update

    Before you upgrade to latest iPhone X/8, you had better back up important data on old iPhone.

  • During iPhone Update

    During iPhone update

    When you get a new iPhone, you can follow the points to activate and move data on new iPhone.

  • After iPhone Upgrade

    After iPhone upgrade

    After making all things well, learn how to deal with your old iPhone and play with new iPhone.

Update my iPhone? Why?

Apple often surprises users with its every release of new iPhone, so does iPhone X/8 this time. As the rumor says, built-in water resistant, iPhone X/8redesigned its Home button solid-state. One of the biggest changes is its new camera system on iPhone X/8 Plus with two cameras, wide-angle lens and telephoto lens. What iPhone X/8 replaces headphone jack is with lightning connector. Wow! Wireless future. More features about iPhone X/8, you can visit Apple official page. Apart from the changes added to the new iPhone X/8, iOS 10 is the built-in iOS version for iPhone X/8 and iPhone X/8 Plus, which you can enjoy if you upgrade to iOS 10 from your old iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/5s/5c/5, iPad Pro, iPod touch 6, and more.

Before iPhone update, back up iPhone data

If you are motivated by new iPhone, and decide to buy it, what would you do before you use the new iPhone? Of course, the first thing is to back up important data on old iPhone data, like photos, contacts, messages, videos, notes, and more. Learn from the following tips:

    Get a new iPhone? Upgrade and activate it

    The most excited thing for Apple fans is to have the latest iPhone at hand (Apple says it will start to ship on September 16). After you get the new iPhone, what would you do to?

  • Adjust Settings

    Activate iPhone

    With iTunes or Wi-Fi or cellular connection, you can activate your new iPhone by following the simple steps.

  • Preview

    Transfer data to new iPhone

    If you forgot to make data backup on old iPhone, no worries, you could still transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

  • Convert m2ts to 3D

    Extract data from old backup

    If you have made data backup for old iPhone, then you need to extract data from iPhone backup for moving to new iPhone.

  • Merge and split video

    Copy data from Android to iPhone

    If you are Android users to switch to iPhone, then you can learn here to migrate data from Android to iPhone.

After iPhone upgrade, maintain old iPhone and new iPhone

  • Before you sell or Donate old iPhone
  • Before you sell or Donate old iPhone
  • After you succeed in activating your new iPhone, what would you do with your old iPhone if you did have? Sell or donate it to whom in need. Before you do that, you need to erase all content and settings completely firstly, remove your SIM card, and then tell your carrier to deactivate your iPhone.
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