Why does Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player need internet connection sometimes?

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Many users have such doubts that why our Blu-ray Player need to access into Internet during Blu-ray Disc decryption. We would like to say that this method is the best way to help all users saving decrypting time and optimizing our service.
a. One Blu-ray Disc only need one decrypting process. The users who have the same disc will not do decryption once again. This can be the fastest solution to the increasingly faster Internet connection.
b. Some cases, like clients that are not updated fail to open discs, will be wiped off. This makes it possible for Our Blu-ray Player to open new discs without being updated sometimes.
c. Protections are getting better and better, for their designers learn the decrypters in our competitors products and counter attack as well. There is no counter measure to our system hidden on our servers. Actually, we are affected by the evolution of the game as well, but at least, there is a little bit "help" to the protectors.
d. Better for users' sake, decryption data in Our Blu-ray Player will be covered, so Internet connection will not be needed for some discs. A chart with BD+ generations and the conditions will be published when an Internet connection is needed.
In view of the above, Internet connection will be needed by the new discs.

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