Aiseesoft Mac FoneTrans FAQ: What to do if my device fails to connect with the product?

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The following reasons may cause this problem:
A. iTunes is not installed properly, so the device is not detected by iTunes.
B. Apple Mobile Device service is not started.
C. The password of the screen is locked and the device doesn't have trust authority.
D. The iOS version is lower than iOS 5.0.
E. iCloud is open when you connect the device with the computer.
To fix it, you can check if the device can be detected by iTunes.
A. If not, your iTunes may need upgrade or Apple Mobile Device service is not started. You can follow the link to fix.
B. If so, you can follow the suggestions below:
1) Make sure the iOS version is higher than iOS 5.0.
2) It is advisable to turn off iCloud.
3) Reinsert your USB cable to connect the device or try another USB port.
If the device can be detected by iTunes while not by the program, contact our support team with the following information:
1) The screenshot of the error message if there is any.
2) The iOS version of your device.
3) The latest log file.

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