FoneLab FAQ: Under what circumstances can FoneLab recover data?

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Video Converter Ultimate Android Data Recovery Blu-ray Creator Video Converter Ultimate

If you encounter the following situations, you can recover data with Recover from iOS Device mode.
1) Files are deleted accidentally from an iOS device.
2) Data is lost due to an inaccessible system.
If you are under the 3) or 4) or 5) or 6) or 7) or 8) situation and you have synced your device with iTunes before, you can recover the data with the Recover from iTunes Backup File mode.
3) Apple iOS system crashes.
4) iOS device is damaged.
5) Data is erased due to an iOS system upgrade, factory resetting, jailbreaking or reformatting.
6) iOS device is stolen.
7) You have recovered your phone with previous iTunes backup.
8) Your device is locked and you do not know the password.

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