Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery FAQ: How to grant permission for scanning device?

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After you root your phone successfully, a rooting management App will be installed automatically in your phone. This App (Super User, Super SU, KingUser, etc.) is different according to different rooting software. But they all do similar functions to manage your phone's permission. Meanwhile, FoneGo, one App from our software will request the permission to your phone for scanning your deleted data on phone. At this point, if there is reminder showing the scanning process is not successful, then your phone may get a default setting to reject the request from FoneGo. So you need to grant FoneGo permission to continue the following operations. The details are as following,

1. If you find Super User on your phone, then open Super User, find FoneGo, and tab it. Then hit the icon (a trash icon) on the right top to delete all log files.

2. If you find Super SU on your phone, then open Super SU, find FoneGo, tab Access -> Grant -> Save.

3. If you find KingUser on your phone, then open Super SU, tab Allow from the drop-down menu.

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