How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Gmail – Here are the Ultimate Solutions You Should Know

October 16, 2019Nicole Jones

When you need to clear up more space for iPhone, you might find there are hundreds of spam emails in Gmail. How to stop spam emails in Gmail on iPhone? Of course, you can block the email address, unsubscribe the service or add the email address to the blacklist.

Is there any other method to stop emails in Gmail? What should you if the above solutions do not work? In order to avoid more other spam emails, or clean up the storage space on iPhone, you can learn more about the excellent methods from the article.

Stop Unwanted Emails in Gmail

Part 1: How to Block an Email Address in Gmail on iPhone

When you check the emails in Gmail, you might find the spam emails are sent from certain email addresses. Just block the email address on Gmail settings, which you can block the most of spam emails on iPhone.

Step 1:
Launch the Gmail app on your iPhone and sign in your Gmail account with ID and password. Choose an email from the sender that you want to block and open the message page. The email sender will appear at the top of the message.
Step 2:
Tap the "More" button with a three-dot icon next to the email sender, and then choose Block [sender address]. When prompted, tap the "Block" button to confirm your decision. In the way, you can stop spam emails in Gmail from the user forever.
Step 3:
To see the blocked spam email senders, go to "Gmail settings" > "Filters and Blocked Addresses". Here listed all the sender users that you have blocked. You can tick the checkboxes next to them and click the Unlock selected addresses.
Block an Email Address

Part 2: 3 More Professional Methods to Stop Spam Emails in Gmail

When you are looking for more solutions to stop spam email in Gmail, here are 3 more recommended ones for the professional users. Just follow the steps to remove the spam with ease.

Method 1: Root Level with Filters of Gmail

The Filter feature is another solution to block and stop certain emails. In order to take full advantage of the feature, you can set it up in your computer. It is able to apply the feature automatically on iPhone.

Step 1:
Go to the Gmail account on iPhone or computer with any browser.
Step 2:
Expand the "More" button and choose the "Filter messages" option.
Step 3:
On the new window, click the "Create Filter" option with this Search and then choose the "Delete" option. Tap the "Create filter" to confirm it.
Step 4:
Gmail is able to block the email from the same sender automatically.

Note: You can also find the spam email to stop in Gmail on iPhone, and tap the "Report" spam icon on the top toolbar. Then the emails will be sent to the spam folder, once Gmail detects the messages sent from the contact in your Inbox.

Root Level

Method 2: Signing up to Sites Using Gmail Aliases

Using alias addresses is another method to stop unwanted emails in Gmail. You can make an infinite amount of alias addresses by adding the plus icon followed by a keyword of your choice in your email address. Any emails sent to the alias address will end up in your Gmail inbox.

Step 1:
Suppose your Gmail address is and you use an alias address, such as to sign up for a website called Freeware Inc. The + freeware bit of the address makes up the alias.
Step 2:
Create a new filter in Gmail website on iPhone, and filter by the "To" filed instead of the "From" field. In another word, you need to enter the alias address in the "To" field.
Step 3:
Press "Create filter" and choose the "Delete" option. It means that you can make the email filter once you leave your Gmail account. You will not receive any unwanted emails in your Gmail.
Gmail Aliases

Method 3: Email Management App is an Email management app that de-clutters your Gmail with ease. Different from the above methods, you can stop spam emails in a batch process. You can unsubscribe from unwanted emails and consolidate emails into a convenient daily digest with Rollup.

Step 1:
Once you have installed Unroll.Me on your iPhone, open the email management app on your iPhone and sign in your Gmail account.
Step 2:
Wait for it to scan your inbox for subscription emails within 45 days. Then you can find how many subscriptions have been detected.
Step 3:
Swipe left and right to edit the subscription list and then tap Unsubscribe to batch stop unwanted and spam emails in Gmail.
Unroll Me

Part 3: How to Remove All Spam Emails in Gmail on iPhone

When you receive some spam emails with viruses in Gmail on iPhone, you should not only stop spam emails in Gmail, but also clean up the iPhone to avoid any risk. Aiseesoft FoneEraser able to erase all iPhone content and settings permanently and thoroughly, including the virus, temporary data and junk files created by spam emails.




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This tutorial shares multiple methods to stop unwanted emails in Gmail on your iPhone. When you need to subscribe the spam, block the sender email address and even manage the files, you can follow the above solution. If your have already clicked the spam emails with virus, you can use Aiseesoft FoneEraser to remove the virus of the spam emails permanently and thoroughly.

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