How to Permanently Delete Instagram on Your iPhone

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. It can be used to share your photos and videos online. But some users may devote too much time and effort to it and become a so-called Instagram addict - most of their time on the phone is spent on Instagram and they may get anxiety and stress once they leave Instagram. If you are one of them or just tired of keeping up with everything on the social network, maybe you need to quit social media to get your life back on track.

 Delete Instagram on iPhone

Therefore, this post will give you the full guide on how to delete Instagram on iPhone. You will learn how to delete your Instagram account permanently. Or if you are not ready yet, you can also choose to disable your Instagram account temporarily. You can even challenge yourself to a week free from all things Instagram from the start to take things slow.

Part 1. How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

If you want to delete your Instagram, you need to log in to your account and request the deletion yourself. But before you start, you may want to download your photos and posts from Instagram first in case you need to keep your memorable time and stories. After that, you can follow the steps below to permanently delete Instagram account.

Step 1.
Since you are not allowed to delete your account within the Instagram app directly, you need to go to the Delete Your Account page instead. Please open the browser on your iPhone. Then paste the following link of deleting Instagram account in the address bar and go.
Step 2.
If you have never signed into Instagram on the browser, you may be asked to log in first. Check if you are deleting the right account. After that, you need to pick a reason from the dropdown menu to explain Why are you deleting your account.
Delete Instagram Account Reason
Step 3.
Next, please enter your password and tap on the Delete [your account name] button to confirm the deletion. You will have 30 days to reconsider your decision. Your Instagram profile and account info will not be visible during that time. If you change your mind, just log back in before the final date and select to keep your account.
Delete Instagram Account

After 30 days of your account deletion request, all your information, including your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and followers, will be permanently removed and cannot be recovered. So, if you are not sure about that or just want to take a break, you can choose to disable your account temporarily instead.

Part 2. How to Disable Instagram Account Temporarily on iPhone

Unlike deleting your account thoroughly, deactivating your account temporarily only hides your profile, photos, comments and likes instead of erasing them, which means you can retrieve your Instagram information after you reactivate your account. But you can only disable your account once a week.

Here are steps on how to disable an Instagram account temporarily.

Step 1.
Open the browser on your iPhone. Then go to the official site of Instagram:
Step 2.
Tap on your profile photo on the top right corner of the screen. Then select Profile. Tap on the Edit Profile button and enter your profile editing page. Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage. Tap Temporarily disable my account.
Temporarily Disable Instagram Account
Step 3.
Select the reason why are you disabling your account from the dropdown. Re-enter your password to continue the process. Tap on the Temporarily Disable Account button.
Temporarily Disable Account

Part 3. How to Clean up Instagram Data Completely and Safely

If you only want to delete the Instagram app instead of eliminating your account, then you can simply long-press the Instagram icon and tap Remove App to delete Instagram on your iPhone. However, this cannot completely delete your Instagram content. So, others may still have the chance to recover your important data. That should be the last thing you want to see. So, you'd better use a professional erasing tool to clean up the entire Instagram app.

iPhone Cleaner is the best cleaner to wipe your data on iPhone. You can easily erase Instagram and other private apps and data safely and permanently so that no one can steal your personal information. And it supports iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, XS, XR, X, 8, 7, 6, 5 and has the capability to make them faster.

iPhone Cleaner


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  • One-click to wipe all data on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
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  • Preview files before erasing them to avoid mistaken deletion.
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Step 1.
Free download this cleaner on your computer. Install the program and launch it to start your deletion. Then connect your iPhone to the computer and don't forget to trust this computer on the iPhone.
Connect iPhone
Step 2.
If you want to delete Instagram only, just head to the Uninstall Applications tab under Free up Space in the left panel. You can also click Quick Scan on the right side. Locate the Uninstall Applications option and click the Erase button behind it.
Free up Space
Step 3.
All apps installed on your iPhone should be displayed on the screen. You can also see their program sizes. Find Instagram and then click the Uninstall button. Then a prompt should pop up. Please click Confirm to start the deletion. Then everything on Instagram will be erased.
Uninstall Application

Part 4. FAQs of Deleting Instagram on iPhone

1. How to download a copy of your data on Instagram?

If you want to delete your Instagram account or even delete everything on your iPhone, you need to back up your Instagram data first. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right. Then tap the three-line icon in the top right. Find Settings. Select Security and then Download Data. You need to enter your email address to receive the download link. Tap Request Download. Enter your password and tap Next. Now you are Done. An email will soon be sent to you with the download link. Then tap Download Data and follow the instructions to start downloading.

2. How to delete Instagram account on an Android phone?

It is basically the same. Just follow the above steps of deleting an Instagram account on iPhone. You will soon get rid of your unwanted Instagram data.

3. How to delete a photo on Instagram?

If you want to remove a photo you have posted on your Instagram, then you should tap on the profile icon in the bottom right. Then find the photo you wish to erase. Tap the three-dot icon and select Delete.


So far, you have learned everything you need on how to permanently delete Instagram on your iPhone. Hope you find this post useful. Let's have a quick review. If you are fed up with Instagram, just delete your account. If you only want to take a break, you can disable your account temporarily. You can also choose to delete the app with iPhone Cleaner.

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How to Permanently Delete Instagram on Your iPhone